Saturday, 30 October 2010

Giveaway Project of the Month - October

With the new slate guide getting its final fiddle, here's a little known wall..

This is the South wall of Twll Mawr; the one you throw stones down while toddling along the tourist path. The two routes in the bottom are 7c ish sport routes not in the current guide, and the two at the top are Wolfhound and Birdman, both in the existing guide.

The rest is unclimbed and mainly unexplored. the two down arrows mark bolted abb stations and the up arrow...

Well that's the gift, an awesome groove tucked out of the yob's stone fire, that may even go bolt free.

Tad shady tho'


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Breaking the Surface - Take Two

My Beloved wife allowed me some head space this weekend. Despite the rather strong winds I sped forth straight to the Marchlyn road. The scientific application of both feet allowed me to open the car door and I started my crawl to Craig Marchlyn Bach. Strong winds was a little bit of an understatement as you coud proably kite jump with a carrier bag that day. However, once in the lee of the llyn the wind dropped to a more managable bluster and I could enjoy my surroundings.
My Initial target for the day was a chimney I spotted high on the crag, pictured below.

Once again, Craine's law struck and it turned out to be 10ft high and full of unpleasantness. In the end, just to be out on the hill under cobalt blue skies was reward enough.

But later on, some new boulders made my aquaintence!
watch this space..
(Happy face)

Friday, 8 October 2010

Kicking Eeyore in the Bum

Ok. Somewhat grumpy in previous posts.

Currently seeing a physio who has been encouraging and optimistic even about some of me old war wounds. Have been encouraged to pull on a bit indoors and find where the pain ceiling is (about slopey V6) and told not to mope.

All is good, and Logan is 2 next week (and he's done his first new route at the Clegir boulders encouraged by satsuma's)