Thursday, 17 October 2013

Giveaway Project of the Month - October

With the Beast now a reality, who want's the animal next door?
You'll probably be more on the arete than the groove, but the rocks good, and the neighbors are nice..

This is very useful for cleaning slate projects


Friday, 11 October 2013

Tea and Medals

A.K.A. Closure

This week started rubbish as I had a stinking cold and sore throat. Come the day of operation photoshoot, I was still horse and feeble acting, and the day was cold and grey. No rain though, so a quit the whinging was called for, as a bunch of very nice people had come along to make the day happen. Here's the Result:
Not only did I get to pose, I also got the Groove all clean and tidy, no banging metalwork or throwing toys out the pram (third go anyway). The cold temps and my general grottieness made it feel slippery and hard today, the day of the send I was a wheel spinning hot rod, today I was more of a rusty landrover. But Chug up it I did.
Happy Days. One Chapter over, and I'm looking forward to starting the next with some new endeavour, like repeating some well trod classics maybe....

Watch this space!