Saturday, 28 August 2010

Breaking the Surface

Got out this week for a 2.5 hr amble. Utter Bliss.

Life is very tricksome at the mo'. My Birthday passed in a rain shower without much adventure, and I've sprained my wrist. I took solace in my birthday money and went Book shopping:

Inspired by the latter purchase I circumnavigated the talus fields of Fronllwyd, looking for a boulder to consider. However I had forgotten Craine's 1st Law and each bloc observed was only suitable for gnomes.

This led to a summit push, a gentle stroll and a new fascination with Craig Marchlyn Bach. I may pursue this new interest with Mountaineering with some light scrambling. When, is however, a moot point.

Giveaway Project of the Month - August

Just about made it this month.. Life is some what full. Anyway this makes it easier to give stuff away as time is just getting a bit precious.

This Month we revisit the Crack House to offer the one that got away due to increased parental responsibilities. in the piccy of the crack house proper, we can see the jaws on the right of the entrance into the inner sanctum. The slabby side of this corridor is a nice enough V0- but its true potential is realised in an eliminate variation avoiding the aretes and starting rib. This gives a very techy thin slab probably about V4. I made inroads into the start and terraced the base, but time was against me and I've decided to let it pass on.

Please Enjoy!