Sunday, 25 October 2015

I Ate'nt Dead

So little (well, not so little) Seren Zoe, has landed in our lives, and to be truthful, she isn't a difficult baby. However, the dynamics of three older brothers eager for attention has meant life has been a bit busy, and the few bits of child free time have mainly been slept, enjoyed as a couple, or rainy.
I have been enjoying some adventures with the boys, giving them some attention. Here's some photos:
Post Jumping up near pig pen boulders on Clegir

The Fishskin explorers

Who needs boulders when you have tunnels?

Responsible parenting. An Oil drum glacier inspection

The big bits move less...

The Pretty bits of Braichmelyn

Bunker Boyz. A cool bit of Clegir playground

Coach, attempt, inspect dirt.


One of the more harrowing adventures was taking a "Lively" Ethan up Lion Rock....

Logan at RAC.

Okay I have got out twice since bogtrotting along Mymbyr. Firstly, I wanted to experience a F7A+, so I returned to Fishskin, eschewed the more interesting tunnel, and did some video analysis on my poor performance (I'm a bit short to keep my right foot on).

Following this, and keeping to my current wheeze of pushing the Fist list, I went in search of Dangleberries. This was an A Frame offwidth shuffle FA'ed by Patch Hammond I think, which I dabbled on briefly on a UKB meet some 7-9 years ago (Hocking was still in Llanberis I remember that). Anyhoo, I had free time to stomp in the drizzle, and Dammit, I only found it again... Anyone familiar with the Milestone boulders will understand my amazement at this feat.

Keen to play on this in drier times, its even close enough to the road to drag ALL the pads..

Sussing jams in less than perfect conditions...

So there it is. not doing much, feeling a bit weak, but plans are afoot, and Adventure definitely Awaits...

Although my boys (and Girl) might beat me to it.