Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Beating the block

40 press ups
20 pull ups in pike
1 minute 49 seconds

This all came a bit quick really. I guess I'm just hardening up to what my body remembers as liquid armbar fitness. Not sure how to carry this set of training on as I could try to double block, or 2 2min sets in under half an hour, but what do I actually need?

I when climbing outside with ropes and everything. My first chance since the beginning of November last year, and we were on E2's down at Trwyn Maen Melyn (home of the justifiably lauded Bardsley Ripple)own on the Lleyn.
The Gear is good, The crag is steep, and the holds are massive...
However I still got pumped, scared silly and shot off in search of a rest position without pausing to safeguard any mishap.
This was my first time in ten months climbing an E2, but head games aside- I need Stamina!

Therefore the plan is to keep blocking once a week to keep ticking over (maybe attempt a second block after ten minutes or so) but turn my attention to stamina..

The Aching continues..