Monday, 31 August 2009

Nant A-mor?

Finally got a moment to post about my mainly unsuccesful trip to Nantmor. This was due to my incomplete research, and generally looking in the wrong place. However their were many positives:

1] Its very beautiful

2] It confirmed my view that wellies are the way forward

3] I now know where not to look

4]I did find something..

This is the obvious jumbles of minibus sized boulders you see as you walk in. Unfortunately, the landings will require multiple mats, and the worthwhile lines all look brick.

This apears to be a left over project (hence the rotting abandoned ladder) The seam leading out of this 10ft horizontal roof has a few pods of possibility, fingers or gear) but generally looks brick and probably needs a rope.

I think that another walk with the family in tow may be called for.

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