Sunday, 9 August 2009

Day 7 -Satisfying Curiosity..

Today is the last day of my holiday, and with the chores piling up and time running out, I decided today to take a brief meander to look at some rocks that form my view when I'm washing up.

Now the area known as Creigiau'r Cadeirydd, or Chairman's rocks, has long been known as a bit of an explorer's dead end, complying to Craine's 1st law they are nothing like they look from the village.
I started at James' Wall and quested up in the general direction of Chairman's, and discovered these cool things:

A yellow and black horsefly thing, that sang whilst resting on a rock.

A flooded vertical mineshaft that looked like an evil well, in the back of a carved gorge.

A very pretty holly tree, lots for the treehuggers up here.

A passable hvs/E1 ish project. Abet 25ft high.

A couple of boulder problem's just of the Llanberis path

That my camera had no batteries in it.

My Wife and Son, out for a walk.

Life is alright a lot of the time.

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