Sunday, 2 August 2009

Day 2 -Another tick on the list

The list in question is one I compiled a few months ago to fuel my new found love of jamming.
This list is made up of boulder problems in North Wales that are primarily composed of holes to wedge your limbs in. Somewhere along the line this became the Fist List...
Joining the likes of Browns Crack, Running Jam, Happy Feet, Quack Crack, and err January's Boulder of the Month is todays trophy...

Teyrn Roof Crack. V4
The days been mainly family stuff so an evening jaunt to pen y pass was required, where I got to road test my wellies on the way down to Cwm Dyli (they passed, although thicker socks are required). Teyrn, is pronounced as one long slurred syllable, rather like the beginning of 'Murder' as spoken by Tagart fans. The Crack is 45 degrees overhanging or so and hands to off fists. It took an hour of flinging myself onto my carry mat to solve the conundrum, as I was lacking a little flexibility and cursing my tiny fists, but my grin was fixed and slightly manic all the way home, up the hill, through bogs..

Left on the list:
Wire brush crack V5
George's Crack V5
Dangleberries V4
Jellybowl Crack V6

Feel free to suggest more..

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