Friday, 7 August 2009

Day 6 -Marital bliss

Finally got to climb with my better half today, its only taken 6 days...

The truth of the matter is its been 10 months since the mighty Logan burst onto the scene and I'm sure it was a few more before that Sam and I last got roped together for some climbing. It wasn't until the afternoon that we were able to part with the boy (who was gardening at Nain and Taid's) and headed up the Mot. It took a while get back in the old rhythm, bickering over the guidebook and the like. However, we jumped on Lorraine Direct and were soon giggling like naughty school kids huddled at the base of Trauma, which we had reached in a one 60m pitch.
Continuing my non avoidance of the classics, we finished with the Crack's mantle (cracking!) before abbing down the gully on our single 60m rope, plopping off the end safely on rope stretch.
Highly reccomended as a quick couple-time adventure.

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