Saturday, 22 August 2009

Feeding the Stainless Steel Rat.

An obsessive needs data, it it this data that leads to finds, reduces bog trotting and provides projects and Unclimbed Rock!

This is a short guide to how the web can help an obsessive get into more trouble than he can handle.

First -The tip off:
This is a hint that there might be treasure out there. The vast array of image sites help here, such as Pixaerial (for Anglesey and particularly the Lleyn) and Geograph, which is keyword linked (eg. boulder)

Second -The shufty:
This is the ground work (in your head). It allow a bit of further inspection and maybe useful initially for the tip off as well. Sites such as Google maps, and Flash Earth allow you to scope a site, see whats there and plan an approach. However, I would always advise cross referencing it with an o/s map to check the shadows you are seeing aren't just a pebble on a steep slope. Also the distance measureing tool on google maps allows you to actually measure the length of boulders!

Third -Go get 'em!
heres a tip off, save me some cracks.

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