Monday, 3 August 2009

Day 3 -Adventures in Babysitting

Today I was in charge of the mini me, and coincidentally the clag and grot descended on our happy valley. hey ho, no room for big adventures.. However once Logan refused lunch, and was clearly suffering from cabin fever, I launched into the assembly of his baby carrier.

This contraption is multi strapped and dangly but come with various rain beaters, so once strapped and dangled on my back. We set off on our mission.

One of our agents (Agent 'M') had informmed us of a big boulder up the hillside above the house, and I preceded to get lost in an uphill direction trying to find it.

Much bog insued.

However it really did exist. A quartz marble, 10ft in diameter, all erratic in the middle of a field. Logan touched it first so he gets first dibs, but no doubt Agent 'G' and the Boulder of the Month Beckons.

... Maybe 7 days of adventure was a bit optomistic.

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