Thursday, 31 March 2016

Quick Patio Hit

So since the visit to Tosheroon, I have mainly been working, wrangling the boys, sitting up at 4am with the girl, and following the commands of the wife. So it was with much excitement that I escaped work early today for a play. As I'm still waiting for an action plan for the dicky shoulder, Mymbyr was todays choice, for a swift bit of chucking rocks. Suffice to say, The Cube's patio is beginning to take shape:

The retaining wall was still in place from last visit, so I was able to back fill to get it all level. In reality this meant pulling a rock out the adjacent pile, rolling / chucking it over, dodging the massive boulder I'd dislodged, stabilising the slope.... and repeat. Mymbyr is basically a pile of rubble with a turfy skin, hence it drains well, and occasionally swallows your leg.

The work left to do, I'm about half way there.

An artists impression of the finished article.

I love my gloves.

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