Thursday, 3 March 2016

Fatneck gets me Climbing!

A certain frequenter of UKBouldering celebrates the close of the 40th year of his life. The weather is kind AND I'm allowed out for the Whole weekend. It was emotional folks...

The keen of eye will identify our location as Porth Ysgo, not been here for a few years as it doesn't usually fit in with my quick mornings adventure while the kids are at school. Its been Two years or so that I ventured down with Mr Panton and crowd. Back then I climbed a few things and tried a few more that I was keen to complete.

This was one of them(being expertly modelled by TomTom). This time I did Foam Party; my first established 7A+. This has made me think I may have created a few sandbags amongst my harder FA's, as it was not the living end. Also at Porth Ysgo I managed Perrin Crack sit, and to fall on my head in front of the president of the BMC. I was trying to demonstrate my only ysgo FA "The Diminutive Fister", my heel-toes slipped, and I torpedoed into the boulders next to my carefully placed mat. Ho hum, Fatneck was wearing my offwidth helmet at the time too....

The next day was a distinctly crowded Talfarach. Although the location choice was mainly due to Fatneck wanting to go fishing (Did you get any lid?). For those not familiar with this site, its the headland east of ysgo with the big boulders with bad landings.

Many Spotters, Plenty Mats, Mike looks away and Shudders...

My plaything for the day, turned out to be "The Black Pearl" 7B, and distinctly feasible if I ever come back here fresh, and with a mat surplus.

Fun was had, skin used, and psyche regained. Hoever, I also got a bit homesick for the missus and sprogs, so didn't climb until totally trashed.

Roll on this years projects!

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