Wednesday, 16 March 2016

I.N.S.P.R.E March 2016

This months offering is a criminally neglected classic. First Climbed by Al Harris in the late 60's or so, Harris' Arete has everything you want; respectable difficulty at F6B, sunny aspect, flat landing, a proper line, and high without being highball.

What it lacks is ease of access. Positioned unhelpfully round the back of peoples houses on Fachwen, previous approaches crossed fences and skirted uncomfortably close to the natives. This meant it didn't get he prominence it deserves in guides, (for fear of upsetting access I guess) and generally dropped off the national radar.

However with the following approach, Harris' Arete and its sister boulders can be visited and enjoyed by the discerning off piste boulderer:

Park responsibly at the top of Gallt y Foel (that steep hill on the way to Bus Stop Quarry) and follow the cul de sac that leads off right. Follow this to its end and branch left (at this point the public foot path sign points right and the house sign points left, bet they're both public rights of way).

Anyways you get to this gate:

walk down the path 20m or so and the hill above looks like this:

Walk upto the arrowed notch (I hope you've brought wellies)

Once through the notch, contour round

Head for this arrow..

Which is here, the dip alongside the radio mast (sort of)

Looking downhill from here, pine trees and a notch in the bluff is your target.

And there you go, a pretty walk, 20 mins or so, past some potential boulders, and a nice area to visit at the end. Here is a couple of vids to whet the appetite:

Harris' Arete Stand

Harris' Arete Sit

A bit of a web trawl will also tip the nod that there are some unfinished projects round here too...


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