Monday, 14 March 2016

T is for Tosheroon

So Today is the first of the dates on the calendar with a T scribbled in. This means I have a tide window to look at Tosheroon.

So the kids were shuttled to school, and I shuffled off to Benllech. I had grand designs to video the route, so I can digest the beta at my leisure...

As you can see it didn't work out as useful as hoped, more of a Giger-esque nightmare really.

Pretty representative of the route I suppose.

Stupidly, as I had a bit of leeway on my timings, I thought I'd try pulling on.

Too early, too cold, not enough warm up, not good enough dicky shoulder.


I have learn't that goals should be tackled in order, with the short term goal of sustainably fixing myself being priority. However there are lots of adventures and antics to involve myself in while waiting for results with goal No. 1

Watch this space

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