Thursday, 25 February 2016

I [heart] cube

So a couple of weeks ago I realised that I hadn't an excuse to lug heavy rocks around this year. My fevered thoughts drifted to the excitement I had when trying to climb this particular puppy:

I also remembered that my efforts with snowballing it, although more fruitful, were still very much in that trad territory. I had also bought some new rock lugging gloves, it seemed the time was ripe....

The results of efforts up to the first brew break.

This is obviously going to be  a long haul, or lengthy lug. This is complicated by the fact that this isn't a quarry, or a muddy reservoir shore, but a pretty mountainside. While there aren't any serious plant issues, it needs to be sympathetic, aesthetic, and low key. However, it also needs to be about chest height on the outer rim for all the wiggieness to be removed. The plan is baby steps: 

The end of day one.

Next session will be to backfill the retaining wall I've built. Once level this will be the equivalent of the snow platform I built before. I can then do any blending it requires, and increase the height in small increments, balancing my desires against potential impact.

I love bouldering up at Mymbyr, and have done for almost a decade. Here is an attempt at catching it with my phones panorama App.

Come Explore!

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