Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tick Report - July

So July came and July went. Work and Physio took up a fair bit of time, but I did get out and, with Calum's help, get the last of Joe Browns projects into reality. Burning Bush, draws a line for me, and I hope that Twll Mawr Trad will to continue to grow and develop with others imput. The BMC Cymru meeting was a chance to highlight the opportunities the Twll Mawr offers and will offer with careful stewardship, and I put out this upto date topo for peeps:

The Routes
1 Taith Mawr (2008) Trad E4/5 6a
2 Long in the Twll/ the North will rise Again (March 2015) Sport f6c/+
3 Tân y Ddraig (4th May 2015) Sport f7a/+
4 Hamadryad (1971) Trad E3 5c
5 Desolation of Smaug (April 2014) Sport f6c
6 Antiquarian Direct (September 2014) Trad E5 6a
7 Twll Love (September 2014) Trad E5 6a
8 The Baron (1st May 2015) Trad E4 6b
9 The Razors Edge (1971) Trad E3 6a/b (5c with gear pulling)
10 The True Finish (1989) Trad E4 6a/b (5c with gear pulling)
11 Bushmaster (1982) Trad E3 6a/b (5c with gear pulling)
12 Scorpion (1981) Trad MXS (E2 5b if use 1st pitch of Bushmaster instead)
12a BSB Trad HVS (Bushmaster with the second pitch of Scorpion)
13 Burning Bush (3&4 July 2015) Trad E7 6b

A= Retro bolted trad belay first used for True finish
B = Retro bolted trad belay first used for Twll Love
C= Previously lost belay of Razors Edge
D= Retro bolted belay that replaced the deteriorated trad one on True Finish, and the lost bolt one on Razors Edge. Was put in during the rebolting to allow safe retreat off this section of cliff.
OG= Opening Gambit (what’s left of it) (1974) Trad MXS
 PB = Punters retreat (2007) escape route... E3 5a/b

Attempts at progression, however, have reached an impasse. Trixibelle has shunned my efforts at getting better, and has been quite usefull in highlighting my inadequacies.

Pretty isn't it.

There are time and seasons for such guff, and Its 6 weeks or so until Little Miss Dicken; Child no.4 comes into this world. As with the arrival of the Twins, this event is heralded with 2 signs; Contentment, and the need to shed projects to maintain a sanity free from obsession.
This experiment with multiple hard projects has been fun, But of the outstanding Ticks, I only really care about two. Certainly enough to not want anyone else to bag the first ascent. These are Tosheroon, and the Marchlyn grit project. So all those others (including Trixibelle) is up for grabs. I'll still dabble, but don't wait for me.

Interesting times, but adventure is out there...

...It just doesn't necessarily have to be nails!

Enjoy, and Watch this space

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