Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Neverfall, the April Trip..

So the long term trundle project. Took a bit of effort to get myself there this month as who wants to dig a hole? However, once there I realised that I do like this sort of sillieness, I don't know if its the physical labour, the absurdity, or the promise of something worthwhile on the horizon.

So we left it last month like this:

This was the first attempt at reducing the death hat and bring in a more thank god top out. This was the result of 1-2 hours with a spade, minimum chat, but copious tea.

This is what it looked like one month later. Obviously the hordes of well wishers and collaborators were unable to make much of a dent, nor was the rain. Looks like this continues to be my own particular windmill.
This visit I abandoned the spade in favour of the Fork and poking it a bit with me hands.
This is the results of my allotted hour (had to back for Dad stuff). Less tea drinking but more chin wagging this time (Dog walkers, slackliners and Ian off to work project #99998):

This method certainly seems a winner as I'm almost down to the top of the wall. The plan is to start with a narrow channel down to the edge at a sensible angle, and fan it out to give an easy escape route that produces minimal rubbernecking.

Beginning to get excited.

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