Monday, 5 May 2014

A Bit of a Pootle

Went for a quick jaunt round Dinorwig slate quarry revisiting some old haunts. Its been a while, and some spots its been years, so I was interested to see how things have changed.

First off, there's been a big slip at the back of Australia, right from the top. Basically, the top pitch or so of "If you kill people, they die" have popped down the crag, finishing up by scouring the 1st pitch off:
Harold Walmsey's routes should have survived, but the bolts are probably worth checking..

I then Wandered along upper Peregrine walls to Golgotha. There are a few new blocks down on the path, but at Golgotha there's been a few changes..

A big slip above Golgotha has taken out the big block in the wall above the path, by the egg boulder. This has finished off the demolition job on the hut, loosened up a whole new section, and revealed a new groove.
Golgotha wall got a scouring and the 1st bolt on "Slip of the tongue" is now 8ft off the deck rather than 20 or so. making for a bolder proposition. Bolts are resin and generally look unscathed. "The Daddy Club" is untouched.. You can compare this to the old topo.

The scramble up to Suncharm Ledge now seems a tad more straight forward, and this venue looks as enticing and untouched as always..

A visit is on the cards
As My friend Gary used to say "Don't get crushed or mashed.."

Foot Note:
Harolds been up and the Ayres Rock routes have been spared a bashing. Good News!

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