Sunday, 2 February 2014

Open Project of the Month - February

Yes its early in the month, and yes a slight change in post title (to reflect this years challenge etc..) But I'm quite excited about this one.

In an Earlier post I alluded to a former Giveaway of the month . Having calculated that a low tide of under 2m was required, plans were made for the end of January, and a small team assembled. Despite the best planning, we arrived to torrential rain, which ceased 4 songs later to release us from the epic mobile into a drenched Benllech. As ever my optimism drove me to drag the pad down and we settled down for a soggy session. Dim ots, as the say as due to its extreme tidal nature its always sopping anyway, and part of the fun.
The problem starts 30-40ft back in the cave at an obvious chockstone. The Nature of the challenge meant that no chalk was taken (too wet) and tape gloves and an old jacket were deployed (barnacles)..
Myself golem-like and wedged in the niche directly after the chock stone, and pulling round the 1st bulge.
Ben Egypto-Barring and myself beginning to Bez slightly.
Eventually through tiredness and lack of 3D processing we both got to this point and plopped off to sterilise our wounds...
The Jaws required more victims so come and play! The cave is just around the corner from hidden wall, and is easily accessed by those who can use Googlemaps...
The Rules
Start at the chockstone, don't touch the ground until at the top of the crag.
No chalk, use adequate protection against barnacles.

We will be going back in warmer weather so we are more aware of the damage we are doing to ourselves, so why not get in contact, and come along for a team effort.
Photos by Charlotte who refused to play that day...

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