Thursday, 23 January 2014

Open Project - first visit to Neverneverfall

Got a dry moment yesterday to reacquaint myself with this, as its been a few years since took it seriously. First impressions were Noooooooooo! as it looked death.

The Slab looked like this
No real grips, futuristic like I thought, and a bit high, very high, too high? well its an open project so maybe not for someone. Also, as the slope leading in is quite steep, there was lots of patio material. I set to work  on the ground works, as this is the fun bit, none of that updown updown struggle for me.. Just giggling as I destabilized the slope and rained boulders down into the pit, proper juvenile adventure.

A Before Piccy

And Afterwards

Still lots to do but come and have  a trundle as its good fun, if a little "exciting"

Next mission is to make it possible to top out...

Fortunately there is a bomber belay

Then its clean the wall and play...
I understand that the previous post was a little vague on the location. Its below the tourist path in the back of the cereal bowl (lower tier). I'll take a better piccy next time.


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