Friday, 28 February 2014

Neverfall, and this years obsession

Paid this months visit to the NeverFall project. The winter storms had done some work and washed down some of the smaller scree, I got stuck in with the larger bits and threw together some rudiments of a patio:
Note the level bit at the bottom, its getting bigger and longer....
Next visit will probably require a spade. I plan to start clearing the top next, as this will add lots of material to the patio and start to give an idea of what the finished version will look like. Also to keep dragging material down the slope to patio will eventually cause it own problems.

Not sure if anyone has joined in the prep work yet, but all efforts are welcome, even if its just one rock chucked...

The enormity of this years challenge is beginning to irk me somewhat. In trying to reduce my obsession by limiting my new routing efforts to boulders, I now have found myself taking on 12 futuristic projects in the same year. Admittedly the definition of "futuristic" varies from blank and inconceivable to not of a type generally attempted in the past (Benllech). Generally, futuristic to me means Cool (for a given value of cool), and "requiring a lot of effort" either in unraveling the intricacies, training really hard, or moving a mound of rubble to make it safe.

My phone now has a list of 12 projects in it, and I'll dish them out in an order specific to:
a) how much work there is to do
b) season
c) when I verify whether they actually exist or not (its that kind of list)

Another factor is Send-Tember. This September all my kids are in full time school for the first time. This sudden rush of freedom will hopefully full a rush of unparalleled adventure (or a monsoon), and Therefore those near this hallowed month are likely to be the ones I really don't want to share, but have to for the challenge...

I definately need to do some normal climbing too

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