Monday, 14 September 2009

Sucking in the Hurt

So attempt no. 1 on the monster offwidth project (code name "Liquid Armbar") occured yesterday.

I hate it when a trad project doesn't go to plan....

I'd borrowed a new Camalot 6 and old style Camalot 5 to suppliment my flexifix 6, and arranged a belayer, all was positive and life affirming.

More importantly, these were big enough (just) to keep this a family man affair. It was all going so well until I started to get tired, and thirsty, and scared.
Like a sheep nibbling the verge of the A5 a bit of fear and I bolted- Straight into a layback. Quite reasonable, only there was no way to return inside and no means of topping out in this style, a rapid retreat below my last gear was followed by a plop and an awkward moment.

All was alright. Much faffing ensued, and I failed upwards to the top.

So the facts:
Its safe enough.
I can do all the moves apart from 3 feet.
The crux crack is actually only 10m.
Skin heals
Pain is forgotten

I guess its training time..

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