Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Climbing on the anvil

Today has been a being Daddy day. Highlights include doing the whole "I'm an organised and together parent" thing while at the doctor's, while taking up most of the boy's appointment trying to get his nappy back on.. and having our sandwiches together at lunch, while laughing and dropping food (me) and pulling faces due to the discovery of mango (him).
Once we got to that sacred hour that is bedtime, I got to get on my new rig..

Having heard of training rigs on that codex of wide that is WideFetish, I decided I had to have one. Although fairly mini, It will let me beat my fists into shape, hammer-harden if you like.

I've currently got it set to about 11cm (4.5" in yank) at the bottom and 13ish at the top to give me a chance, the fist tape give a comparable friction to slate, and doesn't strip the skin too much.

I can currently do one pull up. I've also found I prefer to "mash potato" rather than fist stack in mirror image. This is probably a well known fact but I was chuffed. Next step is two pull ups, The plan is to get to five and then start tilting it more parallel.

I'm going to need more beer..

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