Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Birthday Hit

With August came my fortieth birthday, and a long awaited return to my old stomping ground of Devon. The plan was to get to some places I had yet to visit due to past faff, and I had high expectations of crushing local testpieces...
However, with this years minimal mileage on the rock, and old friends taking precedence over wild arenas, plans changed and (that rarity) pure pleasure was had instead:
Inkspot's hangover at the Dewerstone, a scene of major cleaning efforts opening up this previously shrubbed up area

Irish man's wall, a diminutive jewel of clean fine grained granite, and the odd low grade sandbag

Fun and Games on the high moor..

The sun setting on a great day on Lower Sharpnose. tide and squalls made for a late start, but much fun was had (I even got to follow Fay on the Blunt end..)

MJ: Devonian Alpha male

Matt Fabulous: Our man overseas

Wolf and Cinder: The only one of us with any mileage this year, and his owner.

So as Send-Tember is almost upon us, it appears I'd better get my finger out
(or just seek some more pleasure)

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