Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Neverfall, The March Trip..

This trip saw me with rope and spade. The work moves forward and I'm beginning to visualise the finished product. My walk in was enlivened by a chance meeting with a friend Stuart, and the presence of Warner Bro's once more... I thought there was going to be no chance of me getting away with some minor excavations next to the tourist path, but my usual approach of chatting inanely away to all the security and workers meant that I was mainly ignored. It was only the Art department anyway and no filming involved, just making latex impressions of the walls...
Previously, I had assumed this stage would be fairly straightforward. My previous experiences in Film Set Quarry was that digging out and up was hard going, and I'd thought that pushing stuff over the edge would be swift. However, the work was slow going, as I didn't want to do anything silly, and the ground had more large bits tied in, meaning the spade bounced out. Next visit will include a fork methinks. Not too bad for a short session though. 

A bit of rain should encourage the process, and once I've dug back a couple of extra feet, it'll all take shape. And hopefully it will also start to blend in...
The work so far, with the fence and rucksack giving a bit of scale. Its becoming clear that having this as the first of the open projects was a good thing, as out of all the nuggets on my hit list, is going to take the most, ahem, spade work..

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