Monday, 10 June 2013

Twilight Shunt

Went Billy no mates on the Beast last night. Due to child wrangling duties I did't get out the house until 1930, so the light was lovely (if fleeting). The main purposes of the session were to assess a top roping rig, make a kit list for the ascent, dial the top section and have a proper grind on the crux section. As such it was a success. Midges provided ample abuse and drive, I now know the numbers on the upper sections crux and I learnt lots about the crux section; "The Vice".

1) I managed all moves bar 1.5 or so, abet with multiple rests.
2) My upper body strength is now amply sufficient.
3) I'm only let down by a) leg flexibility, and b) leg power.

Thus topping out at 2245, I decided the following changes to the training plan.
1) Rest. the session completely funsted me.
2) Upper body regime can be reduced to some flesh conditioning in the Coffee table, and "climbing".
3) Need to get serious with the lower limb flexibility.
4) Put the poorest Miniwave I can find on a slab, and do some one legged squats.

Happy Training!

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