Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Checking in

Got out today with Ben and Charlotte. It was good fun giving them a tour of Mymbyr blocs, with Happy Feet and Quack Crack providing much hilarity.
I'm finding that many of the problems I clawed my way up back in the day somewhat harder than I remembered. The Heel Keel in particular feels a lot harder than 6C and I need a third visit to knock out a full repeat.

I currently, therefore, should not be trusted with any of my current grading and please just repeat things that look pretty and decide for yourself.

So we started trying the wall to the right of Fat Duck ArĂȘte. Ben And Charlotte were giving it much blood and passion, but I got competitive. This resulted in Duck Life. Start off the obvious slopey rail and blast to the top via more slopey ledges. Probably 6A+ but as stated above, what do I know.

Contemplated the line of the bloc, but couldn't even transfer body weight onto the crux position.

Did my first set of 50 wide press ups tonight. It seems particularly hard to crawl on all fours after this activity.

Keep training!

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