Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Giveaway Project of the Month May

Keeping in the region of Lost World, Here's the crack of Heaven's Cutting:

Its probably about 12m high and would suit as an aid or trad project. Good hard slate but mainly in the RP1-3 range, and requires a good wind to dry. Its 2 Levels above the suspended railway on the same side. Approach either as for Lost World, or via the Coat Hut Level through Heaven's rickety shelf.



  1. Is it wet even in the summer?

    1. It doesn't suffer from run off or seepage if that's what you mean, Its just always in the shade in a tight cutting. This moss etc. keep it damp. An abb and brush / rag would probably sort it out, If followed by a long enough period of brewing up. Surely the rest ledge makes it of less interest for you ladz?