Wednesday, 12 December 2012

More from the Archives

Back around the time I wrote Death dance, I was also hanging around a lot with John Redhead, He's one of my most colourful friends and always the trickster, seeking  and prodding peoples buttons. At this time  he was just finishing his poem/sound sculpture Soft Explosive, Hard Embrace. and was putting together some film to promote it with. John has a history of putting on lavish cinematic epics, and then loosing them, for them never again to see the light of day. His north stack clowning on the Cad only remains as a few photographs for instance (see the Chris Dale section in the new slate guide). Apparently his new book is very good.

John has allowed me to put up my section from the promo film. In this bit I solo Opening Gambit in Twll Mawr, enthuse a bit a la Death Dance, and appear young and slightly touched in the head.
The banana flake parted company a few months later.

I wish I still had those trousers.

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