Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Giveaway Project of the Month - December

Having compiled the index, I realised I haven't given away anything foreign for a while, meaning of course outside North Wales. Having just completed my first decade of Llanberis living, my previous existence as a weekend warrior seems a dim and distant memory. The never ending quest for adventure, a warm pub and an appropriate doss.
A favourite haunt was the Roaches, Staying in the hut with a old uni crowd, there were squeezes, cracks and Japes galore. Raven rock gully seemed to draw me more than most (that and Lucas Chimney), Left and Right and of course the Crack of Gloom... Which although obviously lovely I have yet to travel, as partners always put their foot down. now as the years have gone by and my abilities condensed, thoughts go back to the space between left and right.

The central pillar with nice monkey on a stick climbing and adequate gear would eventually lead into the horror-zontal of boulders and flared cracks, bouldering in the sky with runners and clean air..

Possible? Possibly I never got around to trying it.
Please do.

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