Saturday, 18 February 2017

Stepping off Once Again

So after a few forays round the slate quarries, and maybe a resurgence of psyche for slippery sharp adventure, I decided that I needed a new plaything in the Mountains. Something new to be afraid of and drawn to in equal measure.

Behold the Shard:
Nicely Highball. Suitably Difficult too, however there was some doubt as to whether it would allow ascent or try to crush me like a bug. First mission was to climb to the top round the back and give it a kick. This proved to be adventurous... 

It did survive the kick test though, so I started finding out what was keeping it up. The shard is in front of this big block,

It is lapped in place by the big block...

And the big block is sort of tied in...

So first tests are proving positive, next the landing.. 
Massive surf board. Enter the Jack!

Landing sorted. Now I just have to try it. It is safe to say I am rather excited, and a little crapping it. The landing is still bumpy but not a patio candidate for many reasons:
 1) It'd look rubbish
2) The lumps are only mat depth, so 3 mats should sort it.
3) We are in bog land, no material, and it'd stand out like a turd in a punch bowl.

Still lots in Cwmffynnon

There's Treasure Everywhere

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