Friday, 14 October 2016

Into the Wild

After getting my psyche back with a visit to the Super Prow, I was keen to explore the back of Cwmffynnon some more. The chance arose today, and I must admit I felt like a fox in a hen house, so much interesting rock, just on the horizon. I restrained myself, however, as I knew the cwm is a large place, and I had to get back for work later....

My love for this stretch of the valley is unfailing, and I have spent far too much time ferreting away in Dyffryn Mymbyr. It falls into a series of distinct tracts, stretching back towards Pen y pass from the RAC boulders; There's Craig y Haul - the high altitude meadow, Mymbyr - the area I spent so many years pottering, The Mallory strip - neither Mymbyr or Cwmffynnon and Cymffynnon Proper.

It was over the ridge that marks Cwmffynnon proper that I found this coolio highball slab (visible on the walk into Super Prow):

I got all excited, set up my phone, and got playing...

Trouble's Braids. The rock was so clean and attractive, There was no cleaning or pre inspection, I just pulled on and enjoyed the ride. Hence it took so long... Sorry

Frank's Wild Years. (yes there was a certain CD playing in the car) THis was higher and a bit weird, with a funky runnel to lay off. Hence I took even longer.... Please fast forward.

The Goodie. This was on the walk back and actually in the Mallory Strip (which is also home to the Big G's Running Jam). I'd forgotten my tripod, hence the long shot. I actually start from a sit in a dip off a proper starting hold. the arete is 90 degrees and slightly overhanging, and once again superbly rough Mymbyr rock. This was also the hardest of the three, but I'm loathe to grade as they were all onsight, and I'm hardly getting much mileage at the moment. Suffice to say they're all 6's.

I'm extremely excited to have a new playground to explore, and with a walking pole and wellies its easy enough to navigate around, and almost as accessible as Mymbyr was. Watch this space... 

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