Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Neverfall Open for Business

Its great to have completed something of the open projects this year, even if its only the initial prep.

What Was

What Is 

six and a bit foot wide, smooth and ready to accept many, many pads

What Was 

What Is 

Subtle I know, but a jug rail and flop ledge, with a solid trench to compose yourself and climb the stairs to safety. It also seems to have reduced a lot of the seepage.

Ready to Play...

I'm happy that I got to do all of this without collaboration as there is a great sense of achievement (I know the landing is a bit on the piss, but its not as bad as this pic makes out) However, I am going to need some help to develop this puppy, it is an open project after all.. and I only have stewardship of two mats.

As this open project venture has played out I realise two things:
One- I'm going to need at least another year to make headway into them.
Two- By making them open and taking the pressure off myself to complete these challenges, I've actually aimed higher and dug deeper than if I'd just been looking for my own selfish conquest.

Next year, I'll be taking a rest from giveaway's and new open projects, and instead be giving reports on how these twelve are going.

With that and my personal ultra secret projects and schemes we should certainly have enough blog fodder.

...Yes I know there are three projects still to launch, two are locked down, the third may be mythical.


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