Thursday, 26 June 2014

Open Project of the Month - June

Almost didn't make it this month, as I had a particularly special chappie in mind, and was waiting for the stars to align.... only for the good weather to come to an end. However, a window of opportunity opened today and another Gem was visited.
This month is another criminally neglected past Giveaway, that I have chosen to take on myself until the rightful owner takes up the gauntlet. Okay, my directions may have been a little vague, and info sparse, but I may have been rushing that month.
Usual approach to Dyffryn Mymbyr; first layby after the chicane travelling from Pen y Grwyd to Capel, over the road and 5 bar gate, follow the fence up to the wall. Now over the wall and follow it to the right until this appears:
This is the Cube. The photo is a little tilted back and its more like this:

Now the issues with the Cube are: 1) its quite big and technical, and 2) the landing is a leeetle slopey and many of the central lines require a chute and pit approach to matting. the exception being this arête:

Although this is more of a stepped or tiered matting situation.
Basically it requires a team approach to mat acquisition and a bit of pushing and shoving.
As I was on my lonesome this visit, I concentrated on getting the groove line done and playing on the other starts. Thankfully the groove was fall free, however, I successfully tested the chute while playing on the central cube arête line.

After succeeding on the groove I repeated it for a vid. Its a bit long but will give you the opportunity to take the piss a bit..

Manly Groove F6B!

I think for a good play 6 mats divided between 3 players would work well.

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