Friday, 12 July 2013

Getting out, and Giveaway Project of the Month - July

This week has been one of sun, blue skies and heat. I've been psyched for my first red point on the Beast, but dragging a belayer to lost world is rather difficult in this heat. I was all set up to pop up with Wolf on Tuesday eve, but his work commitments got in the way so I was at a loose end. Did I mope about? yes, but knowing that a couple of my friends were up at cloggy slaying demons, I decided to try and join them. To get some climbing in I chose to  pop up the Pass, and mountaineer myself up. This was inspired by a similar trip I'd made about 10 years ago, some Facebook pics of Gambit climb, and a recommendation of Jammed Boulder Gully (Thanks Ug!).
Didn't remember to take pics until I was in Cwm Uchaf however.

Crib y Ddysgl

The Boulders above Diffws ddwr

The view down Western Gully.

Llyn Glas from above a nice V groove on Crib y Ddysgl

Of course I didn't top Garnedd Ugain until everybody had headed off home, but the return trip down Gyrn Las was really enjoyable too..

The Spiky Gyrn Las

Pretty flowers, I'm sure someone know what sort....

Now the giveaway is in Cym Uchaf, just up the re-entrant from llyn Glas. sort of in-between a highball and a route, I'd bring a TR rig for the first visit to cut down on the luggage. Anyhoo, this buttress looks nice and interesting..

The second shot was from Western Gully. There's a small amount of bouldering here abouts, but the main attraction is the surrounding beauty. Enjoy.

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