Monday, 26 November 2012

Giveaway Project of the Month - November

While Flicking through my photo bank I came across this piccy from the 1st ascent of Taith Mawr:
 This is on pitch 3 which is the 1st pitch of proper new territory. to get to this point I'd placed one folded nut in a shothole and 2 sky hooks. The traverse just kept shuffling on all spacey spacey, I was getting a bit concerned, and then I arrived at a curious phenomenon. A perfect splitter running vertically up the wall, through the traverse line and off into the distance. It may have only been RP2-3, but the gear was bomber once I'd fired a few in.

I got thinking, this could be the key to unlocking this shield of rock. You can see on the topo on Page 168 of the guide that this is a significant patch of line free space, and there's an obvious finger of rock stabbing upward into the middle of it. This less obvious piccy below shows some of the points.

the pink dot is where the 1st picture is taken from, the greeny dot is the thrusting faultline of hamadryad, and the blue dot is the lefthand fringe of the finger. This Giveway is a opportunity for an awesome onsight adventure, avoiding most of the bushes on the back wall. The Finger would lead at some point to the splitter, which would allow safe passage to the ledges at the top of the shield and a shuffle to the summit. The possible challenges are that you would probably have to split this section into 2 pitches, and you may run out of RP's...

Incidentally, during my trawl I happened across this:

A better piccy of Giveaway August 2011..


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