Friday, 29 June 2012

Giveaway Project of the Month - June

With all this rain, thoughts once again turn to slate and its quick drying properties..

And speaking of Props, major props due to Tim Neill for restarting the re-equipping program in the quarries with some quality additions. I'll echo Simon's thoughts and point you at the to-do list as there are still 3 star routes with manky bolts.
Speaking of 3 star routes, here's one waiting to be born..

This impressive shield of rock is hidden away in the Lost world, and has, as they say, "nay grips". Well, some teeny tiny slopey ones. It doesn't go full height, as Rosen the Chosen canters overhead from the left, but there is an obvious spot for a lower off. I've never seen it seeping and its very clean for a wall in the hole.


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