Friday, 4 May 2012

Return to Mymbyr

All this reminiscing led me on Thursday  to don wellies and stomp back up the hill to photo some stuff and try something new. It was really good to feel unfit (the stomp) and also to see these problems were still pretty cool.
Mighty 'Tashe From Left

Mighty 'Tashe From Right

 Front View with Pad for Comparison

The Central Arete (The Snip F6A) went as a sitter with hands in the crack and gives some nifty finger locks, Imhotep F6B+ starts from a sitter on a side pull and a sloper on the ramp at the back of the roof (where dark meets light).

I Then went to revisit an area I explored with Fraser in 2009. This undisclosed location was due for some joint development between Team Ball and Myself. However the kids have yet to embrace the slog up the hill yet.

I couldn't resist pulling my boots on:

This is Man like Me, about F6B and goes from a sitter with feet on the block on the bottom, and hands clamping, more clamping proceeds until a lunge for the sloping lip leads to a big swing and a top out.

More details to come in the future.

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