Thursday, 16 December 2010

Brewing next years Psyche

Despite Being properly excited over my new rather large family, the latter half of this year has been rubbish for my climbing motivation. This is not because of lack of time (see micro adventures) Rather, I've been plagued by injuries (wrist and sciatica) making me feel like an old man.

To combat this, I've decided to set myself a goal, announce it, and get training (more later)

This is Codename: The Beast in Me..

Suffice to say, Its going to be a rather hard offwidth to conquer. All the usual suspects know I've set it in my sights and, are graciously allowing me a good go (cheers G, Stevie and Tom).

So all I have to do is get strong, get it clean and grind to victory... Think Gin Palace on trad.

As to actually getting strong, I'm in the dilema of time management and having to isolate my busted bits.

There's also the fact that training hurts, at least for offwidths it does...

Currently thinking of serial micro sessions of beasting mini-supersets to failure; something like 3 push ups into 3 pull ups-in-pike and continue until puke.

Might take some refining..

If I settle for nothing now..

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