Monday, 5 July 2010

Giveaway Project of the Month - July

I thought I'd get this in early this month as I have a spare twenty minutes and things are pretty busy since the twins arrived. I'm very happy and tired, but the adventures are going to be mainly parental.
So its going to be quality not quantity for a bit, and this is pure Quality!

The sunny seaside town of Benllech on Ynys Mon is home to a nice beach, some sport routes and this lovely cave....
South of hidden wall, this 40ft deep cave has a nicely flared horizontal chimney running through its entire roof at head height. The rear of the cave is fairly cramped and non descript, but a couple of yards towards the light a chockstone marks a sensible starting point. From here, jamming, back-and-footing, and general squirming will get you to the light and here...
For the highball topout. There is a couple of downsides to this amazing discovery (and why I didn't snap it up when I found it)
-Tidal; needs a fairly low tide.
-Holds damp; will require a good coastal breeze, and as the crack goes all the way, some dry days. a Towel might help too.
-Landing is bouldery; probably solved by 2 mats stacked on a leash and a spotter to drag it.
There we go. Please report back.

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