Sunday, 9 May 2010

Visiting the Shed

Its the accepted cliche that when the father in a family requires some space he retreats to his shed to tinker on some project or other..

Well I have a quarry, and this is my project

I revisited the shed last week, got this out of mothballs, chalked it up and put the bolts in. This was no mean feat, however, as:

This quarry, although convienient for parking, is a little exciting to access.
You are required to climb to rig ropes from above.
It overhangs by 1.5m in 10m
I couldn't get to it before 9.30pm.

Much hilarity ensued, with one of the rather useful holds getting pulled off while trying to get in enough to bolt. Still I reckon its still within ( or close to) the realms of possibility with my current fitness.

All I need now is some helpful belayers to spare the odd couple of hours now and then as its too steep/dynamic to shunt!
(there are other available projects to tinker with in the shed by way of sweetener)

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