Friday, 24 July 2009

A quick wander...

Having chosen to dive into the random world of blog, I thought I'd better start as I mean to go on and describe the last outing. Nowt special, was able to exit work early, and as I wasn't due to recapture my 9 month son for a few hours, I decided to quest out to the top of cwm glas bach, to examine that elusive breed; undescribed cracks!

Having entered fatherhood, my interests have moved away from tottering slate rubble epics and onto that safer alternative, offwidth cracks. So off I set to scope out "fear of infection" and the many cracks surrounding it that didn't fit the guide.

First obstacle was crossing the stream, as the levels were up and the bridge in bits and full of diggers. A wobbly tree below Craig Du deposited me safely over and a scramble past Craig cwm glas bach led me past slime, sheep-goats (they get very friendly up here), moss and billberries (yum yum). This lead to somewhere (not quite sure) and then some slithering down gullies, tree trunks, vertical bogs and wobbly rocks, lead to the "fear". Looks cool, and not to seepage troubled, unlike the approach, which as my decent, included more dampness, some rock fall, an abandoned croc(not mine- lacking hippyfeet), and some "maybe" projects... Watch this space.

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